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Phase2Phase offers to assist not only with CMC services. In validated investment cases we are open to share risks in terms of funding. Our investments are made separately or as a part of an investor network.

Some of our current portfolio companies are:


Lipum aims to eliminate or alleviate painful symptoms for millions of patients suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases. Lipum has a biological anti-inflammatory drug candidate that provides a novel mechanism of action and is therefore assumed to have less adverse effects than current treatments in use.


Genagon Therapeutic's drug development is based on discoveries of unstudied proteins and their life cycles in innate immune cells. Genagon was founded in 2015 and is growing a strong and broad patent portfolio with opportunities for internal development and future partnerships within the field of oncology. 


Moligo Technologies mission is to enable the next generation of DNA based tools. From research to genome editing and diagnostics, Moligo Technologies produces long and pure, single stranded DNA that is not limited by complexity, multifunctionality or scale. By providing the best tools that improve precision and reduce unexpected off-target effects, Moligo Technologies can produce DNA with any modifications or complexity which remove many of the limitations currently experienced by researchers and pharmaceutical companies.