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Phase2Phase Biopharma Consulting

Strong innovative drive and a long tradition of Life Science makes Phase2Phase an attractive partner. Phase2Phase, a small company with an innovative and unique business model, fosters and accelerates the development of Biopharma.

Niche Consultancy

Bridging the gap - Phase2Phase provides consultancy services to a wide variety of customers. The services are mainly within CMC biologics, which includes e.g. Sourcing of CMO’s, CMC Project Management, Tech Transfer Project Management, but also more specialized assignments such as gap analyses and due diligence. Our competence and experience can serve as a bridge to overcome the obstacles of the future.


Strategic Partnerships

Funding of Projects - For certain projects Phase2Phase might be open to consider to get involved as a stake holder and thereby engage in certain risk taking.

Should you be interested in a potential partnership, we encourage you to contact us for further discussions.